Strategise Me!

What is Strategise Me? First, more about you!  

Big visions for 2020 is exactly where you should be! Let’s not worry about the execution just yet, your 2020 is all about 1:1 coaching, masterminds, group programs, packages for your clients, you name it! 

What a big year planned, I am very excited for you! And I love that you have such big dreams and goals for 2020, because so do I! I’m also launching stuff. 

BUT I get it, you also have those blockers, one of them might sound a little like this…


How am I going to sell” 

Where am I going to sell”

Who am I selling to” 


Do any of these ring a bell? I know exactly how that feels. It can be super overwhelming.

You are also asking yourself questions like: 

  • How am I going to find the time to write all the content for the launch, organise the actual offer AND the content to promote the launch?

  • Where should I be showing up?

  • How often do I need to talk about this offer? 

  • How far out from my launch date do I start promoting? 

  • What days do I show up on FB, IG, Live video?

What do you want?

Yes, if you’ve done this before you KNOW how to sell. But you want to level up.


Levelling up MEANS consistency - as I always say, consistency is the key to success. To be consistent you need time. 

BUT the main struggle is, how do I sell consistently online without overwhelming others AND so it all flows?


You have the time to write for your launch, you like to keep it authentic to you! It is just this strategy around the content. 

You hear a lot about content marketing being a top marketing trend in 2020 (I know because I talk about it a lot).


But how do you strategically place your content on different channels so it sells? 

Your life is busy enough! You don’t want to stop seeing friends and family because you have a launch coming up! BUT you also want to be showing up for your audience, you just want to make sure your message is clear

The main objective for your business is to live out your purpose, to help others, not to spend your time stressing about your launches and if you are promoting it enough!


Yes, I know in the back of your mind you always want to be thinking about the launch, but you want to be putting positive energy into it! That can be hard when you are stressing about sales. 

It all comes down to time and consistency!! What would you do if you had more time in your day because you didn’t have to stress about deciding and planning when and where to post for your launch?

What does more time look like in your business? 

Oh my, think about it close your eyes and picture it!! 

  • More time with the fam 

  • Dinners and drinks with friends (food and beverages are a personal fav of mine) 

  • More travel 

  • More time with your clients 

  • More time to develop yourself personally or professionally 

  • More time to create the content you love talking about

What do you need?

I know, you get where I’m getting at, MORE TIME!! But how do we get more time AND be consistent? By planning!! 


"A goal without a plan is just a wish" - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


Don’t make your goal a wish, have a plan!! Have a strategy around your launch so you are SHOWING UP to sell. 

Now you’re thinking, yeah right Mariah well that is a little bit too good to be true, I have 1000 things to do around these launches let alone show up daily to promote it. 

Well, think about this. Promoting your launch is one of the most important things you can do, because it gains the clients you need to work with. 

Now for the exciting part… that can become a reality!!! (does Spanish emoji dance) 

But how?? 

With my package Strategise Me

Let’s get time back into your business! Let me handle your launch strategy, give you consistency in your marketing AND provide you with the guidance you need. 

Developing a strategy around your launch will mean you are reaching the right audience, it will mean you are SHOWING up to be seen.

What does this package look like?

  •  x1 60 minute strategy call

  • Content plan with dates

  • Voxer messages throughout your launch campaign 

  • Asset file

How much? 

Okay, so think about this, it is an investment


Because you get this launch for life! Yes we can review it in a few years time, BUT it will be perfect for all your 2020 launches, you will just need to make a few edits to your dates! 

So for $349, this is ALL yours! 

Now that is a pretty secure investment for a lot more sleep at night, a lot more time with your family AND a lot MORE confidence around your launch. 

But if you feel like maybe it is a little too much...


I offer payment plans, which is 2 x payments of $175!

I will support you alongside your launch! 

This is perfect for you if: 

  • You are launching a course, 1:1 coaching program, mastermind, package or any offer in 2020 

  • Will stick to the structure set for you by Content Queen 

  • Are prepared to be consistent 

  • Need more time in your business to focus on other areas of development 

  • Are ready to SELL OUT your offers

This is not made for you if: 

  • You don’t believe content creation works 

  • You don’t have a launch in mind and aren’t clear on what you want to offer your clients 

  • You aren’t prepared to show up for your aligned audience (which I can't imagine is anyone really...)

So this is a timeline and strategy for you to use throughout your launch. From where to post, and when - across all your channels, I have got your back! You just have to write the content! 

Then you show up, address your aligned clients, and the sales will be flowing in for your next launch. 

Let’s save you more time today! Book in a call with me and let’s get your launch from idea to execution! 

Or, maybe you don't want to write your content? Well, I have a higher value item for you! 

What does another option look like? 

I also got your back! My Content to Launch offer will be perfect for you! 

Wait, do you have some questions first?

Of course, you can email me here and ask any question you’re unsure of! Or connect with me on any socials!

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