What is Educate? First, some questions! 

What does the word education mean to you? 


Does it mean the more formal process or “systematic instruction”?  


Or does it mean the lessons we learn from experiences


Either way, you know, educating your audience on your brand, business, services and what you offer is critical for business development. 


You understand you can’t just sell without credibility. But educating is TIME consuming, it takes time, consistency and effort to provide this type of education to your audience. 


One of the questions you might be asking yourself is… what do I need to tell my audience? What type of education do they need? 

What does educating look like in business? 

  • Using social media platforms to discuss your niche without selling 

  • Using blogs and podcasts to educate 

  • Educating who YOU are and what YOUR business does 

  • Providing insight into your products and/or services 

  • Educating in the fun side of your business 

  • Educating through engagement with your audience 

How do you educate about your business?

Good question, you do this through the four pillars of content (learn more about them here). 


But the content pillars look like this: 


  • Inform: this is information around yourself, your business and your offers 

  • Educate: the tips and tricks you provide to add value 

  • Engage: the conversations and two-way posts you provide so your target audience can join in on the conversation 

  • Fun: this is your entertaining posts and your behind the scenes


How do you form these content pillars to work with your business? By having a content strategy


A content strategy means, having a plan around how you show up, where you show up and when you will be showing up! This can be through podcasts, blogs, social media etc. ANY FORM OF CONTENT


It is all about using content marketing as one of your marketing strategies to compliment your other business plans and strategies! Content can help with your digital marketing strategy, your SEO, the LOT! They all compliment each other. 


But I get it, content strategy is time heavy. Yes, there are LOADS of platforms you can be active on, but sometimes less is more.


If you had ALL the time in the world you would have the time to create your own content strategy, but we want to prioritise our time! I get that! 

What can a content strategy bring to your business? 

A content strategy can bring you:

  • A plan around your content

  • Purpose - so your content isn't just random, it has meaning 

  • Engaging, informative, educating and fun content for you to share

  • More accountability 

  • More time to develop your business 

  • Organisation and structure

What do you need?

I know, you get where I’m getting at, MORE TIME!! You need more time in your business for all that business development. But let's put it into perspective for a minute.


Often it is a battle between knowing you need content to level up and attract NEW clients, but you also need to nourish your current clients.   

"If you don't invest the time in your business then where are you going to find your next client or next sale?" - Ela from Ela Muzar Creative


But you also need to remember, business development is critical!!


That is why content writers and content marketers like me are here to help!! Start fresh and focus on ONE key platform to take it to the next level. You might be just starting out or are new to the world of content, so I am here for you and your business.

When you hire me, I will work with you to transform your content so the business is seen as an educator. Be a resource for your clients with your next level content! So here is how it will works:

  • We will go through your content and create a high level plan and strategy 

  • We will pick ONE content platform to focus on

  • I will create a 12-month plan with content on this focus area (so for example, if it's a blog, I will create blogs for you, if it is social media, we will work on a 12-month content plan)

  • Reviews every 3 months for the year 

  • Voxer support for coaching and guidance 


For this 12-month high-level content strategy and targeted content plan in one focus area, I will deliver this to you in a short amount of time. HOWEVER, you will have me for guidance and revisions throughout the year! 

It is called Educate! Let's break that down for you! 

What does this package look like?

  • A content strategy for all your platforms 

  • Content creation for one platform of your choice for 12 months

  • Content plan with dates

  • Ideas and purpose around your content

  • Ongoing support around your content

  • Voxer messages for 12 months

  • Content and strategy check ins every 3 months 

  • Creative right for your content

How much? 

Okay, so think about this, it is an investment


Because you get this content for 12-months! Yes we can review it in the next year, BUT it will be perfect for all your 2020 content, you can just make a few edits as your please! 

So for $2497, this is ALL yours! 

Now that is a pretty secure investment for a lot more sleep at night, a lot more time with your clients, more time to show up as the face behind the business AND a lot MORE confidence around your content. 

But if you feel like maybe it is a little too much...


I offer payment plans, which is 4 x payments of $625!


I will work alongside you during your content for 12 months! 

This is perfect for you if: 

  • You a business owner or entrepreneur looking to level up your content 

  • You want to create purpose-led content for your audience

  • Will stick to the structure set for you by Content Queen 

  • Are prepared to be consistent 

  • Need more time in your business to focus on other areas of development 

  • Are ready to SELL OUT your offers

This is not made for you if: 

  • You don’t believe content creation works 

  • You don’t have a business or are not an entrepreneur 

  • You aren’t prepared to show up for your aligned audience (which I can't imagine is anyone really...)

Once I have finished writing all the content for you, there will be a timeline for you to use throughout the 12 months. From where to post, and when - across all your channels, I have got your back!

All you will have to do is show up, address your aligned clients, and the sales will be flowing in for your next launch. 

Let’s save you more time today! Book in a call with me and let’s get your content ready for selling and engaging! 

Or, maybe you are happy to write the content, but just want someone to help strategise and tell you when and where to post? 

What does another option look like? 

I also got your back! My Inform offer will be perfect for you (coming soon)! 

Wait, do you have some questions first?

Of course, you can email me here and ask any question you’re unsure of! Or connect with me on any socials!

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