I get it, content strategy is time heavy. Yes, there are LOADS of platforms you can be active on, but sometimes less is more.


Start fresh and focus on ONE key platform to take it to the next level. You might be just starting out or are new to the world of content, so I am here for you and your business.



When you hire me, I will work with you to transform your content so the business is seen as an educator. Be a resource for your clients with your next level content! So here is how it will works:

  • We will go through your content and create a high level plan and strategy 

  • We will pick ONE content platform to focus on

  • I will create a 12-month plan with content on this focus area (so for example, if it's a blog, I will create blogs for you, if it is social media, we will work on a 12-month content plan).


For this 12-month high-level content strategy and targetted content plan in one focus area, I will deliver this to you in 7 DAYS with 5 DAYS of email support and revisions! How does that sound?  

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